I just want your kiss boy 💋
Hi 😘
Favorite finds of the day!
o haaiiii

My night. It was verrrrry much needed. First time drinking and actually spending good quality drunk time with my loves. Sippin on some Captain in my Taco Bell cup got me feelin so gud ;3

I got new glasses and my car un impounded today… yay! :D
baddest bitches, i fucking love them!
I’ve become accustomed to drinking beer now obvi hehe
aaaaaand me being vain. the end.
I fucking hate waiting on people!
I’m baking pumpkin pie, pound cake, and cheesecake for Thanksgiving all day tomorrow. Then I’m going to spend a few days at my nannas riding four wheelers, shooting guns, eating and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Football. I love my Thanksgiving tradition with my family :)